Sir Nurtt

Knight of the Orphanage, Mentor to Herbert


Nurtt joins a motley/gang
Vanessa’s mom’s motley doesn’t get along with them
Next two years the two motleys enter various disagreements
Nurtt’s motley had enough, they go to teach Vanessa’s mom a lesson
Nurtt starts a fire to scare her
The fire gets out of control
Change into Seelie
Stricken by guilt, Nurtt leaves the motley
Nurtt meets Raphael and joins his mission
Nurtt receives knighthood and takes pity on Herbert
Nurtt trains Herbert as his squire
Herbert receives knighthood

No one likes the janitor all that much, maybe that’s why he works mostly at night, or maybe it’s the other way around. During the day, he stays in his room in the basement. Rumours spread on what it is that he eats down there… some of them not far from the truth. In both Seemings he has yellow teeth, although his fae seeming shows them as two rows of needles. Rarely seen without his hammer.

Even King Richard doesn’t like him, but his position as the best swordmaster in the court makes him keep the Redcap for the time being.

After his former student ran away, Nurtt disconnected himself from the court even further and only comes out from the basement when he is badly needed… which doesn’t occur often.

Sir Nurtt

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