The Autistic Sidhe with the Gift of Vision


Mortal Appearance: Ada is obviously undernourished. Through no fault of her parents, and then her Grandparents and carers, Ada has not eaten very much on a daily basis, and this is reflected in her thin frame. She is a girl of average height on the cusp of womanhood, yet her hips are still narrowed, and her chest relatively flat. Her skin is an ivory in winter, and tinted with a slight golden tan whenever she is able to get summer sun. Kept reasonably short, Ada’s medium blonde hair is naturally curly. She does not seem to show interest in her hair, and it seems that its length is more for practicality than aesthetics. Fine boned with high cheekbones, and a pointed chin, Ada is quite pretty, if in a delicate fashion. Her eyes, serious and a pale green, seem too large for her face, and her shapely lips are usually pursed in an unconscious slight pout of concentration.

Fae Appearance: Several inches taller than her Mortal form, Mairin is a hauntingly graceful Sidhe with a willowy build, and a winsome demeanour. Instead of undernourished, she appears lithe and healthy, though finely boned. Mairin’s skin is extremely pale. Not truly white, it is instead the hue of fine porcelain; creamy with a hint of rose in her cheeks. Like in her Mortal guise, Mairin’s eyes are large and luminous, yet more evocative. The pale green bears tints of blue, and even silver, and are most often semi-shrouded in long lashes. Her hair is simply glorious. Without receiving any attention it always seems to look just right. Long and silky, it falls to her waist in rivulets of palest blue, and is often braided at the sides to reveal her tapered and pointed ears. Heart shaped and exquisite, Mairin’s face is truly a sight to behold. Although she is not as radiant or beautiful as other Sidhe, she nonetheless earns attention in her own right. Instead of praise for her looks, Mairin hears whispers of the sense of hard won wisdom in her eyes, and the compelling aura of sorrow that seems to follow in her wake.

Ada’s mortal clothing is well made, attractive, and fits her well, yet she seems to pay it no mind at all. If asked to choose an outfit she often comes up with bizarre combinations of colours and patterns, or prefers to wear whatever she was wearing the day before. It becomes apparent that all her clothing is chosen for her by someone else. In contrast to her mortal dress, Mairin’s voile is in flowing, airy fabrics and light colours that match well, yet she still pays her clothing no mind; her coverings seem to be a part of her inner Sidhe soul, and are not consciously created.

In both Mortal and Fae company Ada is extremely quiet. She normally speaks only when spoken to, and looks at everyone and almost everything from the corner of her eyes. Easily distracted by the reflection of the water, motes of dust in the air, and the sight of colours, Ada’s behaviour is usually marked upon as exceedingly strange.



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