Adam Apple


One night, a child was given up to be raised in the orphanage by a mother who didn’t want it. Nobody knows the identity of the woman however, only the name of the child given in the records.

Adam was a trouble-maker since he learned how to walk. He loved to bully younger children, especially the weak ones. Later, when he discovered his troll heritage, he become even more aggressive towards others, not even giving thought to age differences since he learned the strength of a troll.

That was before he met Herbert. Seeing in him another weak rich boy, he bullied him with pleasure, until he too awoke to the faerie side. That event caused Adam to lose half of his right horn. A remembrance standing for his over confidence being disadvantageous.

Since then, he treated Herbert as both, his enemy and peer. Which didn’t help him when the Redcap lost control over himself and deprived him of his arm. Later on, Vanessa has discovered Adam’s arm wasn’t the only thing missing, his fae soul has also died.

Adam Apple

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