Sir Narcissus

Knight of the Orphanage


Commonly known as Sir Narcissus among the fae denizens of the orphanage, Alister is one of the four knights of King Raphael’s Court.

Being a teenager, he loves to party more than anything. He knows nearly all the clubs in town and most of their regulars, at least from seeing them. Athough both of his seemings are handsome and people find it pleasureable to behold, he is probably the most self-absorbed denizens of the city.

He loves to spend his time in front of the mirror. While in battle he makes sure he isn’t hit in the face more than worrying about defeating his opponent. This fact has born rumours circulating the Court, speaking of him being raised to knighthood for being the only other Sidhe rather than for any special talent of his own.

Sir Narcissus

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