The Orphanage Building

Scribe_Drizz: Hey! I put some links to my fotki to show what I meant by the floorplan. We don’t have enough space to put more than one map up under Maps. Also, I couldn’t figure out how to make them links. But for now, you can just copy/paste the address and see the pics.


Scribe_Drizz: Ok. The Orphanage itself. I think we’ve got to get a good grasp on what it looks like before we ask anyone to draw it.

Lunatyk: Yes, that we should…


Scribe_Drizz: Now, I was thinking of it as a mundane building that housed some chimerical pockets: the throne room/office, the basement/training room/dungeon, the secret lair of the Joy Eaters. Am I wrong?

Lunatyk: You are very correct… it’s how I imagined it to be… I’m not sure if that’s how the game setting works but I don’t care that much about it!


Scribe_Drizz: Back with more in a bit. I have to find where I’ve saved that file.

Lunatyk: I shalt be waiting…


Scribe_Drizz: Ok. I figured we could go over the real physical aspects of the Orphanage first. The Dreaming parts can easily fit around areas that don’t really exist. This is just my idea/impression. Shoot down what you will.

Lunatyk: Yes, let’s do that… I’ve run out of bullets…


Scribe_Drizz: I remember you drew it as having a C shape.

I think that the third floor should stay as you’ve drawn it with the addition of a bathroom at one end of the floor.

Those little || marks are supposed to be doorways. I didn’t feel like drawing them all, but there’s a bunch on the first floor pic.

Lunatyk: We can rearrange the rooms a bit to accommodate for space… I just wanted the third floor to be the Changeling Quarters!


Scribe_Drizz: Second floor should mirror the third floor. Except where the throne room is, there should be a nursery. We don’t get much of a view around the building except for when Katerina goes exploring for a bit. I figured there weren’t any babies in the orphanage at this time. The room could be lined with cribs covered in sheets; that it would look very empty and kind of eerie or sad.

Lunatyk: See… the thought of a nursery never occurred to me… I really do need to make a research before I start running with an idea… Does this mean we’ll be using Katerina after all? I’m not sure if it’s such a good idea considering she goes in and out of the Orphanage quite fast… unless we change that bit to accommodate the story for her presence somehow… making her a main character just for exposition’s sake would feel like a cop-out to me, especially since we could use Don’s gang for that… they could run around the Orphanage looking for trouble or candy!

(Moved Katerina portion to the Character page.)

Scribe_Drizz: First floor: Directly in front of the door, about the width of K’s room to H’s, the foyer or entrance. To the right, the records room, nurse’s office and playroom. The play room taking up the larger, upper right portion of the C. To the left, maybe a small waiting room that faces the front, kitchen and dining area take up the upper left part of the C. Stairs going down to the basement, would be under the main stairs. The kitchen/dining area and playroom each have an exit to the playground.

I tried to draw it so you could see there’s a door under the stairs.

Lunatyk: I don’t think I’ll understand this without drawing a map myself first… the connections sound reasonable and looks like everything is there…

Scribe_Drizz: Yeah, that’s pretty much what I did. You still have that map of the third floor on the game menu. All I did was keep the same shape and change around some of the walls for the other floors.

Lunatyk: I’m glad it helped… I had a lot of trouble making that map because by the time I was doing it I felt like everything is not in the place I thought it would be and that everything is way too small to be liveable… that’s why I tell stories and not count the stars, my mind is abstract like that…


Scribe_Drizz: Basement: Down here would be the bulk of the heating and plumbing, possibly looking like very old, heavy pipes that make strange noises. Areas for storage and a room partitioned off that looks like it wasn’t part of the original structure: Nurtt’s room. Maybe he walled it off himself.

Lunatyk: Excellent! Exactly like I thought it would be… and there need to be puddles of water in places… don’t forget that the Training Room is also here, I can’t remember if I defined it as magical or not within the game though…

Scribe_Drizz: Yay! Then it can be dark and dank and mildewed and gross! But, like the attic, I really didn’t know what to make of it besides a large, empty space that helped support the building and house supplies. Where Katerina and Tom trained, I thought that to be a more magical place since they were on the ceiling. Now that I think about it, I can imagine it as an extension of Nurtt’s quarters; used by Tom just to piss him off. The place where Herbert was kept could be farther back?

Lunatyk: The attic could be an additional storage area… or better yet, it’s where the JoyEaters nest was! Thus explaining why nobody ever really went there. Good idea with Sir Tom! Yes, it was a magical place but I never defined if it’s magical as a whole or just in part.


Scribe_Drizz: Orphan Rooms: The Changeling rooms and the human rooms look pretty much the same, save for what each child puts in his/her room. All of the furnishings have seen better days, but they are not in total disrepair. There is a small chest of drawers, a writing desk and a chair in each one. Each room is largely taken up by a wardrobe. The walls are covered in faded, floral wallpaper.

Lunatyk: Excellent! and now that I think of it, Elyssa’s room would be one of the orphan rooms… it will be interesting for everyone to learn that in Part II, she’d have to find a place for herself because it was Raphael who allowed her to stay.

Scribe_Drizz: Yay! I imagined that in addition to living and working at the orphanage, Elyssa was also a teacher, or at least going to school to be a teacher. We never went into what the other kids did, but maybe she taught the little ones reading, writing and some math and gave the older kids books to read. It would kind of explain how none of them ever left for school. Not a big deal, but an idea. In the future, more institutionalized version of the orphanage, that would have to be “fixed.”

Lunatyk: I only said she’s taking care of the children so yes, she could be a teacher… teaching in schools is rigid and unfun so it makes sense for Raphael to take Elyssa in and have her take care of the children. Elyssa is one of those persons who never truly grew up, she daydreams and loves books for the stories within… ah, institutional fixing… only makes me sad the game seems like it’s crumbling apart… I’d love to go through that story…


Scribe_Drizz: Exterior/Grounds: I like how the playground is like cradled by the shape of the building. From what I understood, beyond the playground is the fence that separates it from the woods. The road to the city is in front of the orphanage. So if one traveled through the woods parallel to the road, they could end up in the city as well. I figured that between the city and the forest proper, there could be a park or the beginning of hiking trails or something. There could be some kind of boundary that would prevent average people from hiking onto the Orphanage property, but nothing too difficult since Cameron’s uncle was able to drive up there and into the woods. Perhaps trespassing signs?

Lunatyk: You understood it right, the forest is where you say it would be. I agree with all you say here… but tell me, when was it that Cameron’s uncle came to the Orphanage? I thought the group went to him…

Scribe_Drizz: Cameron’s uncle didn’t go to the orphanage directly. Cameron helped Herbert run away to the woods after the trial. He called his uncle for a lift back to the Dreaming. The uncle drove up into the woods to get them and told Cameron that the path to the Satyr’s home was closed that night; they’d leave another night. Vanessa and Don followed a Joy Eater as it tracked Herbert to Rex’s apartment. So that’s how they all got together.

Lunatyk: we could say the uncle had an Off-Road vehicle of some sort. Your husband knows cars better than I do so he might propose something more specific. Sorry for my memory, I know it’s terrible…


Scribe_Drizz: Questions: Where is the pond?

Lunatyk: There’s a pond? Remind me of it…

Scribe_Drizz: Don’s first post, where he meets Cameron (1a), he wrote that he was annoyed that he had to come in out of the rain and was hoping to go to the park and feed the ducks. When Herbert runs away the first time (2a), Don is at a pond feeding and playing with Gerald and the other ducks. He’s close enough to hear shouting and to catch up with both Cameron and Vanessa (before Cameron uses his abilities to run faster).

Also, I thought of the orphanage being a manse, one of those old houses and plots of land that priests used to live in back in old days. I figured that many of the luxuries of the land are gone now, but there’s a pond and some really nice trees. Even though the orphanage looks kind of gothy and mysterious now, it’s like the kind of place that was really beautiful once upon a time, right? Also, if you want ducks to stay anyplace, there’s got to be a food source and a good-sized amount of water.

Lunatyk: ah right, that’s why I don’t remember it, player creations don’t fall into my memory that well unless I use them on a regular basis. I don’t know where to place it exactly and that thing with him being able to get there before Cameron was just a plot element, don’t read too much into it. We can always have Cameron and Vanessa run for longer… in forum play you just have to make the distance arbitrary otherwise you’ll just get players who have to calculate how much ground they can cover in a round and where they are in relation to others, etc. It’s not that productive to roleplaying…


Scribe_Drizz: Does the Orphanage have its own chapel?

Lunatyk: Seeing as Father Raphael is the person in charge, I believe there would be…

Scribe_Drizz: Yay!


Scribe_Drizz: More of a chimerical question but, the glade with the tree? That would be either directly behind the orphanage a good distance out, or in the opposite direction of the city?

Lunatyk: I don’t remember any glade (I just have a bad memory) but I think it would be away from the city…

Scribe_Drizz: I was just calling it a glade because I didn’t know what else to call it. In 2a, you described the place where Eligos met Herbert and the 4 friends caught up to each other. It was a place that was the opposite of the orphanage, warm and still alive.

Lunatyk: ah, that place. No, it wasn’t a glade. They were just far away from the Orphanage… The JoyEaters need to feed, so they go out and feed on the surrounding area. The longer you walk the less gloom and dark the area becomes and they met at the point where the JoyEaters couldn’t reach them (well, they could, but it was unfamiliar territory for the creatures, thus safer and outside Raphael’s radar). The whole forest beyond that point would look magical and full of life, Fea just see things differently…


Scribe_Drizz: And does the Orphan Court have a balefire, or is it drawing from the magical part of the forest?

Lunatyk: I have no idea what a balefire is…

Scribe_Drizz: Ah! A balefire is the source of glamour for a freehold or noble house. It’s a greenish fire that doesn’t have to correspond to a natural fire in the human world. If a changeling sleeps near it, it can recharge glamour. If it goes out, then the changeling’s home will slowly lose it’s glamour.

Lunatyk: I’d put the balefire in the basement… why is Nurrt spending so much time in the basement? Because his main duty is to keep it alight… after all, he is the knight with flame powers!


Scribe_Drizz: That’s all I’ve got for now.

Lunatyk: it’s more than I ever had…


Scribe_Drizz: One more bit! At first, I thought it was kind of bad that the Orphanage only had one staircase/fire exit. But then I thought it was a good thing. Raphael’s magic and presence keeps this place open and under the radar from legal inspections. I figured that if the story ever moved into the second phase that you wanted, this would be one of the justifiable changes that human caretakers/owners would provide for the children: shiny, safe new facilities; baths for each gender; rooms or even floors divided by gender; dining area with longer table/benches for seating; the kind of place where those in charge could easily see all of the children at once at any given moment. And that the orphanage now should have an older, secretive feel.

Lunatyk: o_0 that is an awesome idea… why didn’t I think of it? because I’m stupid…

Scribe_Drizz: You’re not stupid! I’m just one of those uber-fans with too much time on her hands. Plus, I saw The Orphanage. I’ll loan you my Netflix login, or at least give you a link to download it. It’s also on YouTube in like 10 or 11 parts, if you don’t mind clicking ever 11 minutes. You should watch it, if you can spare the time.

Lunatyk: No need for that Netflix thing… I can get it through other means, I just need to find the time to watch it… as is, my dad sent me a couple DVDs and I just don’t have the time to sit down and watch them…

The Orphanage Building

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