Huzzah! I’m going to put the questions and notes about the characters here. Once we nail them down, we can move the solid ideas to character pages, like the NPC tracker. OK?

Mostly, what I want to get at is just things about the characters that might not be seen by the readers in the comic, but make them who they are. Like when you asked me about Vanessa’s clothes and it rolled over into her father.

I think I’m just trying to understand how each character sees the others and maybe a little bit of how each one got there in the first place. Don’t need as much emphasis on some as for the mains.

Back in a bit.


Scribe_Drizz – You mentioned that the others were making chimera, but did they ever work together? Are they a Motley?

Lunatyk – I mentioned that Haxx0rz was creating software chimera and that Sophie made webs to catch nightmares in. Technically, there is no Motley in the story. The Orphanage functions as a refugee for the changelings who are experiencing the bad effects of the coming of Winter. Not all changelings in the city entered the Orphanage, just those who felt this was a good idea and worth pursuing… strength in numbers. I wanted to use Mairin’s visions for exposition of why exactly Raphael and Eligos decided to create the Orphanage and why they had a falling out that evolved into their current enmity.


Scribe_Drizz – Who’s been at the orphanage longer, Herbert or Don?

Lunatyk – Herbert! Don is fairly new, I think that he would be the first one from the group to enter the Orphanage. Then it was Cameron and Vanessa (a few days after!).


Scribe_Drizz – Although Herbert became knighted, would he ever have been involved with the others?

Lunatyk – if by others you mean other changelings, I had the impression Herbert served as Nurtt’s squire for a while before becoming a knight. During the story I had the impression Herbert considers himself noble and above the commoner folk. An arrogance that later changed because of his relationship with Cameron.


Scribe_Drizz: More Questions!

Alright. We chatted a bit before about how Sir Nurtt, Elyssa, and Don came to the orphanage. Cameron, Katerina, Vanessa and Mairin explain their presence/arrival in game. I think we should give Herbert a good thinking over since he’s the most important character.

Are Herbert’s parents dead? Or did they put him there for some reason? I’ve suspected the latter.

Lunatyk: I think they’re dead… yes… if I remember correctly Herbert’s parents are dead and he is actually quite rich… serves me right for not making backup copies of the character backgrounds, I’ll have to try and reach Deoq to ask him this… if he still remembers his character’s past…


Scribe_Drizz: You said earlier that our PCs didn’t have much to do with the NPCs. True. Sorry for it, but we can still work around it. You mentioned that the other changeling orphans didn’t have much to do with each other, but I think they had to a little bit. Jack and Adam were obvious friends. And I think Sophie and Narcissus could easily be acquaintances, even if they aren’t seen together much. Haxxor’s a loner type, but I think his method of gathering information about others would be different than Sophie’s. If they were wary/afraid of Herbert and H, perhaps the other orphans avoided Vanessa and Cameron for awhile because of their association with Herbert from the start?

Lunatyk: Hey, you guys just weren’t into and I get it, it’s how games work. I mentioned they didn’t have much to do with each other in terms of them being background characters. There was definitely some relationship between them all but they weren’t as close to the Player Character Group to matter with mentioning… consider, would you like reading a thread where all posts are between NPCs and the result of that thread doesn’t affect your character’s action? I think not! We can of course change that, add some scenes and reference to the main character’s voices and viola! The Setting comes to LIFE!!!

Yes… that would explain why none of the others felt like interacting with the group… we just need to mention it somewhere in the script…

Scribe_Drizz: I think it gets mentioned a little bit, but we’ll see.

Scribe_Drizz: I liked Katerina. waves a banner for the Keep Katerina Campaign!

I know she wasn’t around for long, but I thought that every one of her scenes was good! I thought that she was like the opposite of Herbert. And even if we don’t get around to making little side scenes for every NPC, it’s easy to see that the others treat her differently just because she’s a Sidhe and not a Redcap. I really liked it when she met Haxxor. And the conversations she had with Mairin and Raphael, you can see the interaction between Houses. Like when Raphael and Sir Tom talk to her, there’s an instant approval because she’s a brave, outgoing Sidhe. Very Fiona. But then as soon as she comes to question Raphael, he lightly dismisses her because she’s a Fiona. Kind of patronizing. I liked the bit where Katerina offered to aid Mairin if she was loyal to the Seelie Code, and then Mairin answered, “I’m loyal to my legacy, yes.” You’re the one that knows Mairin’s legacy, but I wondered if she were Unseelie just because of that. But my favourite Katerina scene is when she’s the topic of discussion between Tom and Nurtt. Also, since she’s been at least seen by all the main characters, she’d be easily recognized and maybe confronted if you ever needed to bring her back. But I thought the best thing was no matter how she left, it showed that there were other Changelings outside the orphanage, probably even outside of the city. That there was some hope for outside help or somewhere else to go to.

Anyway! About the nursery: if it’s an orphanage, they’ve got to be ready to take on kids of various ages, right? Sure, it’s not a big place, but people adopt babies a lot faster than they take on older children. If there’s no babies at the moment, it’s ok. Plus, I saw this movie last summer, The Orphanage. It’s in Spanish, but you can watch it with English subtitles. It’s so creepy awesome.

Lunatyk: I don’t think I know Mairin’s legacy… She’s Seelie though and the way you explain her within the story sounds like it’s enough to allow her in. I assume we’ll have to make a scene where Father Raphael sends Sir Tom away on some mission, or he just goes himself… thus Katerina is absent until later on… I heard about The Orphanage and it is on my list of movies to watch… I just don’t have enough time to sit down and see any movie lately. Even going to see Watchmen was a bit of a risk. Bottom line: Let’s keep Katerina in!


Scribe_Drizz: Okay, parts of the story to flesh out:

Scribe_Drizz: 1. What Eligos’ motley is up to?

Lunatyk: In Mairin’s vision of the past it is revealed her former incarnation stumbled upon a plot between Eligos and Raphael to create a place that would act as a haven for the coming Winter. Unfortunately they disagree as to the application of the Joyeaters. To Raphael they are a necessity and he claims he can control them but Eligos says this is bound to fail. Then they find Mairin and her vision ends. What the vision didn’t reveal is that Raphael went off with the plan without Eligos, whom he fed to the Joyeaters. Eligos’s next incarnation is now on a crusade to put a stop to Raphael’s evil ways!

Scribe_Drizz: Yes, that’s what Eligos is up to, but what about the rest of them? Is it just the two other changelings? You have Loup as a spy/infiltrator, but what does Griet do in the meantime?

Scribe_Drizz: 1a. Why is Eligos so interested in Herbert?

Lunatyk: Because he sees idealism in him and an honest drive to protect the changelings. Herbert is the perfect candidate to stop Raphael from within his own court.

Scribe_Drizz: 1b. What will happen to his plans when Herbert dies?

Lunatyk: Nothing, by that time Raphael will be defeated. He succeeds despite (or because of) Herbert’s heroic death.

Scribe_Drizz: 1c. How did Loup get in the orphanage the first time?

Lunatyk: I don’t remember the name but there is a Cantrip somewhere that let’s you change shape. Basically, Loup is a master shapeshifter. He can impersonate people’s looks and possibly turn into some small animal to get pass security. He’s a pesky little spy-ninja type with the ability to change into a monstrous wolf-like form.

Scribe_Drizz: 1d. What did he do while he was in?

Lunatyk: He was going to the king’s chamber to try and find some information on where the Joyeater’s nest is… since he knows Raphael needs to be keeping them somewhere within the building…

Scribe_Drizz: 1e. Why does he ask Vanessa and Don to find the nest if he was able to get in?

Lunatyk: Loup is able to get in, yes… but look at the scene where the Herbert motley finds Eligos’s motley fighting with the Joyeaters. Eligos knows he’s outnumbered and that he isn’t capable of getting to the nest. Not with the Joyeaters attacking him on sight… so he needs someone to go there that can live in the Orphanage without fear of being attacked (because the Joyeaters only attack the ones Raphael tells them to, unless they’re really hungry, that’s why they don’t go out randomly killing changeling orphans). Vanessa, Don, Cameron and Herbert are, in his mind, the perfect candidates to act from within the orphanage.

Scribe_Drizz: 1f. When Raphael calls them enemies, what exactly is he referring to?

Lunatyk: He is referring to Eligos being against using the Joyeaters as a means to keep everyone safe from the coming Winter. He thinks he can control the Joyeaters and use them as a sort of glamour batteries when Winter finally hits.

Scribe_Drizz: 2. What happens to Mairin after she confronts Raphael? I thought maybe she was imprisoned somewhere and could escape for the end. Or she’s up to something all secretive and magically delicious, being an Eiluned and all.

Lunatyk: Probably the first option, she is autistic so I’m not sure if she can think long-term. I don’t know much about autism

Scribe_Drizz: 3. What exactly happens to Gangsta H?

Lunatyk: Whatever we need to… we could potentially have him return for Part 2 if we ever feel like doing it…

Lunatyk: and as for Eligos’s motley… how about all their plans become apparent in a dialog between Vanessa’s mom and Eligos, as they argue for involving Vanessa in Eligos’s personal vendetta… I could write that dialog!

Scribe_Drizz: That could work, as long as they don’t say so much that they spoil Mairin’s dream sequence for the readers.

Lunatyk: We can have that dream sequence before the dialog, I think it would be easier to tie them up that way…


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